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20 30 Res the Future



Ho chiesto a vari personaggi della scena elettronica di immaginare questa situazione: è il 2030, hai appena avuto un trapianto di fegato, un buon motivo per festeggiare con pochi amici intimi. Che musica metti?

A cura di Herr Kartina

Pure vinyl DJ set by
Chantal from Cyberrise 

The adventure starts in the Netherlands when little Chantal gets  a tape by Technotronic from her uncle. In 1998, as a teenager, she ends at a Mononom party in Rotterdam - she's hooked. Starts hanging around with Acid Anonymous and Plexat Soundsystem. In 2000 she gets a pair of Decks and starts playing vinyl, which she does since. In 2003 she joins the Cyberrise crew  becoming one of the leading figures. She's also active in the feminist soundsystem Femtek.

What has to be said is that this pure vinyl DJ set comes out of a Berlin in lockdown , where Chantal is divided between a full-time job made from home and her three kids in home-schooling.
Chapeau, Chantal!

More of her music on

DJ Set by Nihil Fist 

Nihil Fist from Berlin/Germany produces music since 1996 trying to push electronic music into new, especially more aggressive, dirty, fast & noisy but still structured and danceable dimensions. He has released several records, cd's, tapes and videos over the years on various labels like praxis-records, cathartic noize experience and others. Coming from an d.i.y.-squatters-background he performs usually on dance-parties with open-minded, diverse, tolerant & wild crowds in a clearly anti-discriminatory surrounding preferably using a lot of fog and heavy strobelights as part of the experience.
Nihil Fist played at parties in different european countries and in Berlin-Clubs like the old Tresor and the legendary „Hardest Club on Earth“ Bunker. Between 1999 and 2004 he held his own party-series „Utterly Wipe Out“ in different Berlin squats, especially in the infamaous squat Köpi, focussing on hard, extreme and very noisy electronic dance music, regularly inviting recognised DJ's and Live-Acts from all over Europe. Between 2005 and 2018 the project ran on a lower level due to other priorities and projects (also other music projects and DJ activities – he is for instance also known as the Berlin DJ Unter Null, playing underground electronic dance music with heavy 80's influence).

For this radio show Nihil Fist sent us a DJ mix, a proper Masterclass on the history of industrial music from 1978 to 1999. A tale about the roots of the most radical parts of the Scene.

Clock DVA – prior to intercourse (1978)
Die Form – childish room (1978)
Cabaret Voltaire – the set up (1978)
Mahcanik – secret service (1987)
Throbbing Gristle – discipline live Berlin (1980)
SPK – Slogun (1983)
Hunting Lodge – banishing dirge (1983)
Sleep Chamber – dream ov life (1990)
PAL – Gelöbnis (1995)
Le Syndicat – panzerprick ripper (1992)
Putride Deglutition – untitled (1999)
BWK – karnage (1998)
Perplex Barquettes – raw mars wars (1998)
Cytocrome C – anarkose (1998)

Big Head for 20-30 Resampling the Future
01 Anna - Lithium Migrant [Gigabrosaurus Recs], 2002
02 Eddie C - Aesthetics [Honey Disco], 2012
03 Ensemble Skalectrik - Wrekwahn [Edition Mego], 2013
04 Low Frequency Band - Roll With It [Chrome], 1996 
05 Sigha - 04 [Avian], 2015
06 Limbonic Art - Promenades Limbiques (UHT Remix) [Cavage], 1999
07 GRMMSK - [everything] CRASH [Totes Format/SPB/Minor], 2018
08 Melx - Insistez! [Vision], 1989
09 1-Speed Bike - Vanilla Ice Corrals His Pet Wallaroo, Bucky [...] [Broklyn Beats], 2005
10 Chessie - Ivy City Interlocking [Drop Beat Records], 1999
11 Atomhead - SFV 2.0 [Hangars Liquides], 2006
12 Samuel Kerridge - Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure [Downwards], 2017
13 Spectre - Only In The Darkness [Mille Plateaux], 1997
14 Panacea - Reality [Chrome], 1997
15 isAAAc - Isaaac Vs Mayaku [L'Harsh Du Gwel], 2000
16 DIN - Untitled B14 [Not On Label], 1997
17 Criterion - Cold Cold War [Broklyn Beats], 2003
18 Zombieflesheater - Onalluild [Unfinished/Unreleased], 2018/21

DJ set by Christoph Fringeli 

20-30 Resampling the Future del 2021.01.22

Live di BK Bostik

Astronauta Autonomo Balli + VeganovA
"Bootleg intergalattico registrato su Sirio C"

Il seguente bootleg non autorizzato del live sul pianeta Sirio intende dimostrare come suonando a velocità supersoniche (sopra i 1000 bpm) la cassa finisce con il non essere più udibile e diventare un drone, in questo modo viene intergalatticamente  suggellato l'accordo speed-core 🤝🤝ambient & new-age=extratone. XXI annus horribili.
  • DJ Balli ha venduto l’anima al diavolo quando ha sfondato il primo paio di Air Max. Si è reso conto di averne ricavato un prezzo troppo basso ed allora ha messo in piedi tutta la sarabanda di, libri e performance per cercare di contrattarne a posteriori il prezzo.
  • VeganovA, la NEW New Age sta arrivando...

20-30 RTF #04_Dj Scud

in onda su RadioForte il 2020.01.09
Swans - Lunacy
Richard Skelton - Threads Across The River
Einojuhani Rautavaara - Cantus Arcticus, Op. 61, 2. Melankolia
Víkingur Ólafsson - J.S. Bach: Organ Sonata No. 4, BWV 528 - 2. Andante [Adagio] (Transcr. by August Stradal)
Stephen O‛Malley & Anthony Pateras - Rêve Noir -I-
Ryo Murakami - Modern Structure
Midori Hirano - Remembrance
Kagan/Gutman/Richter - Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 67, I. Andante
Diamanda Galas - Heaven Have Mercy
Oxbow - The Finished Line
Friendship - El Chapo
Cindytalk & DJ Scud: Untitled (unreleased)
Zane Banks - Georges Lentz: Ingwe (“Caeli enarrant…” VII), Bar 487
Golem Mecanique - Nona, Decima et Morta, Face B

in onda su RadioForte il 2021.01.02


Requiem - György Ligeti
Prayer - The Durutti Column
Cosmic Contact - The Undisputed Truth
Third World Calling (Opus II) - Mandré
Regiment - Brian Eno & David Byrne
Your Only Friend (Cocaine) - Phuture
Space Face - Sub Sub
Tom Tom Beats - Aux 88
Fazely industrial estate - Counsel pop
John Cooper Clarke - Working Men's Club
Adrift - Octa Octa
Aftermath - Nightmares on Wax
Vamp - Outlander
False Start - Liu Chang
Durch die Haare die Stirn - Schwefelgelb
Dadaism Demands - Brandon Spivey & Richie Anderson*
The Mabe - Overmono
The Undisputed Truth - Wah Wah*
The Sam Song - The Irish Brigade
iii's Front - Whities
Acid Fly (Robot Mix) - Brain 3
Acid One - F+S (Franz & Shape)
Extreme Noise Pleasure - A'Simetric*
Croydon Girl (with Rackitt) - Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
External - Zekt
Take to the skies - Wah Wah*
Locked On Target - Disintegrator
Hypoalgesia - DJ Stingray
Sabotage in the Workplace - A'Simetric*
Dark Black Ominous Clouds - Disintegrator

* indicates one of our tracks

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